Mandeni hosts first International Facilitators Course


The Mandeni based IRM Hub hosted the first International Facilitators Course on Monday, 21 February.

This programme is funded by NBI and SECO and is facilitated by Tushiyah who are partners to the Hub. The complete course is run over a period of 3 weeks with 8 online sessions and 2 face to face sessions.

Marisa Truter (Director – Tushiyah) for facilitating this “Train the Trainer” course.

According to the campus Engineering Education Specialist, Namasivayan Perumaul, all proceedings went accordingly, the desired outcomes were met and the session was interesting and informative, “I went to the Hub to welcome Truter and the selected candidates and I must admit, standing in front and having our conference room filled up in that way got me a bit emotional. It was at that point that realisation set in that our new IRM Hub is now in operation and is being used for its intended purpose amongst many other projects that are now running concurrently to this one such as the ARPL Project and the General Installations and Repairs Programme,” explained Perumaul.

Candidates were selected from the training centre staff and a few were identified from the community.  Upon successfully completing this course, the candidates will receive a Trainer Performance Monitoring and Assessment Certificate.