UMfolozi’s Trendsetter

branded t-shirts, tracksuits, gym wear, summer dresses, sweaters and caps and is still looking at growing his brand.

Gcwabaza studied Hospitality at Esikhawini Campus in 2015 which landed him his first job as bar tender and his second as a secretary. “I wasn’t satisfied with my earnings, somehow I always knew that I was destined for greater things. I wanted to have my own company and do what I love the most which is making people look elegant. My aim was to infuse simplicity with creativity,” explained Gcwabaza.

Gcwabaza says he owes his success to u Mfolozi College which taught him entrepreneurship skills, communication skills, management skills and more. “It’s not easy to work with different kinds of people but I really commend uMfolozi for the Communications and Human Relations Course which I use daily to interact and market my business to customers. I can’t leave out computer practise, I work with my computer daily to design clothes,” said the 25 year-old Gcwabaza.
Gcwabaza is a father to one son who he hopes will grow up and take after him so that he can create employment for fellow South Africans. He had to quit his job as a secretary in June last year to focus on his growing business. “Life is about taking risks but I still have no regrets because I have enough time to satisfy my clients,” says the young lad who hails from Esikhawini.

Today Gcwabaza has his friends and family to thank for encouraging him to support his dream not forgetting the people from his home town. To uMfolozi students, “Education is very important. Study hard. It’s also very important to know what you want in life so that you can wake up every day with the urge to follow your vision. Choose the right friends who are ambitious and hard-working who will steer you towards the right direction.”